Quick Solutions for “Cash App failed to link bank account”

Due to its quality services, recently many people have joined Cash App. But joining Cash App and registering for an account on it is not enough. You eventually need to link a bank account to it so that you can make transactions and enjoy higher sending and receiving limits. If you do not link your bank account to it, the money would only go to and fro from your wallet. Additionally, you will be able to use only a few restricted services of the Cash App. However, some people have found it difficult to link their bank account with Cash App and they are constantly coming across an error message saying “Cash App failed to link a bank account.”

Cash App failed to link bank account

Hence, in this article, we are going to highlight some important aspects related to fixing this issue.

Why you can’t link a bank account to Cash App?

Sometimes, there are some bugs in the Cash App application due to which you may not be able to use some of its specific functions. Therefore, if you are unable to link your bank account with Cash App, it could be an issue related to the bugs that are present in the app. Apart from this, if you or someone else has already used the same bank account with another Cash App account then also you will face this issue. On the other hand, if you provide incorrect bank details repeatedly, then also you will see Cash App failed to link bank account issue.

Why is my debit card not supported Cash App?

If you are linking any non-supported debit card to your Cash App account, then you will repeatedly come across an error message stating that “debit card not supported Cash App”. If you are also seeing this error message again and again, then you will need to cross-verify if your card is in the supported cards category or not. Please note that this payment platform only supports Visa credit and debit cards. Apart from this, it also supports cards offered by MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Additionally, there are some more cards approved by the government that is also accepted by Cash App. However, if you try adding an ATM card, business card, or PayPal card, then you may not be able to link them as the payment method.

How to add bank account to Cash App?

Sign in Cash App and follow the instructions given below to add your bank account to Cash App:

  1. Click on the “Banking” tab
  2. This tab is available on the Cash App home screen
  3. Further, click on the “Link Bank” option
  4. Then, you need to provide your banking details
  5. Follow some more details and you’re done

How to fix linking bank account problems?

There is not one but several ways to fix the bank account linking issue on Cash App. Here is the list of solutions you can try:

  • Since using an outdated version of the Cash App application could lead to issues like these, therefore, you should immediately install app updates on your system
  • If there are a lot of cookies and cache files stored on your device, therefore you remove them from time to time
  • In case you are using Cash App through the web browser, therefore, you can try to install the latest version of the operating system on your PC
  • You can also try scanning your device for the virus. Doing this would also fix any bug-related problem in the Cash App application
  • Still, facing the same issue? Make sure that you are providing the correct details on the account linking form
  • Make sure that the bank account or credit card you are going to add is supported by Cash App
  • If this turns out to be a bank-related issue, then you may visit your bank branch and get help from bank representatives


After you have linked your bank account with it, then you may try to activate Cash App Card and use it wherever a Visa card is accepted. If the Cash App failed to link bank account issue is still haunting you, then you may try to contact Cash App directly or try linking another bank account with it.

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