How to get a Cash App card under 18?

The major purpose of launching Cash App by its parent company Square Inc. was to transfer and/or move around funds. This moving of funds was meant for the peer-to-peer transfers made during the day. The application was aimed to provide services to 4-year olds and above. However, tasks like sharing utilities, splitting bills, paying people back, and several other transactions cannot be performed on Cash App under 18. It also partially works as a bank by providing free debit cards called Cash Cards and has no additional fees. Let’s throw some light on what are the guidelines to get a Cash App card under 18.

Cash App card under 18

Cash App for minors- Minimum age requirement

Cash App under 18, cash App for teenagers, Cash App unable to sign in, and several more terms have been noticed to be in the browsing histories of a lot of US residents who are below 18. Its no misunderstanding that Cash App, as listed on Google Play require its users to be of 4-years old and above. However, according to the verification process, the minimum age for it has been noticed to be 18 and above by the users at the time of registration. So, to use Cash App under 18 demands some other way.

How old do you have to be to get a Cash App Card?

Cash App is considered to be very convenient and feasible in the practical world. Moving funds around are extremely easy as it is done only with a few clicks, and if it’s a Cash Card, you know how easy it is to use your debit cards to make payments. But, of course, you have to be of legal age to have an account that is you cannot use Cash App under 18. Being 18 is a significant requirement here.

There are times when, for some reason, parents or guardians feel that their kids should be using the Cash App. For such times, they try getting their kids registered on the Cash app and activate Cash App card for their kids. However, reaching the verification portal requires an ID proof and if the individual isn’t 18 or above, you cannot get Cash App under 18, let alone getting the Cash Card.

How to use Cash App under 18?

It is extremely clear that “Cash App for teenager” is a myth. The only logical and existing way to use Cash App under 18 is to get your parents’/guardians’ Cash App credentials or their Cash Card to make use of the funds available on their accounts. The hassle-free transfer of money eliminates the risk of giving them actual cash and worrying about their expenses all day as you can keep track of their expenditure on the App (whether it is the transactions are made via the App or the Cash Card).

Paying your friends for the pizzas from your sleepovers, purchasing something for a school task, getting your midnight snack supplies for study nights, or any other expense can be made easy using the Cash App account funds of adults in your home. And, this could also help in the long run as you can even teach them to control it in a good way. You do not have to worry about them losing the cash or spending much on things. This is the best way to keep track of their spending limit and habits.


Cash App was launched with the aim of easy and all-time accessible fund transfers among peers. Although the age guidelines say it can be used by 4-year olds and above but it doesn’t allow any individual below 18 to register and use the app while on the terms of services gateway. The Cash cards are also made available to individuals who are at least 18-year old and qualify for the minimum legal age. Therefore, there’s no such thing as Cash App under 18. However, the funds in ones’ Cash App account can be used via the app itself or the Cash Card, by minors if their parents/guardians grant them access. Hence, to have an account with Cash App individuals have to have proof of qualifying the legal age requirement.

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