How to use Cash App without SSN? Facts to know

The digital payment applications mostly come with high-end security features so that users can use them with maximum peace of mind. One of the security protocols taken up by Cash App is that only verified and legible users shall use it for a longer period of time. Although non-verified users can also use Cash App for making online payments, since their account is not verified, some app restrictions will be leveraged on them. To verify your identity on this platform, it is important that you provide some valid proof of identity along with your SSN details. Using Cash App without SSN may not be possible.

Cash App without SSN

So, let’s learn if it is possible to use Cash App without SSN or not. And, if it is possible, then how.  Identity verification on Cash App is a must because it lets the Cash App authorities know that you are a legal US resident and also helps them verify your age.

Why do I need to share my SSN with Cash App?

To keep Cash App away from all the scams and frauds, the platform allows only verified and legal users to use this platform. Apart from keeping it safe for the users, Cash App also requires your SSN details to verify if your age is 18 years and above or not. Being 18 or above is one of the basic requirements for using Cash App. If you are below the specified age criteria, you may not be able to use all the features of the Cash App.

How to get a Cash App card without SSN?

To be able to use Cash App or Cash App card, your legal age have to be 18 or above. Since uploading your SSN details to verify your Cash App account is also proof of your birth date, therefore you cannot fool Cash App by feeding incorrect date of birth details during the sign-up. As we already know that you cannot verify your identity on Cash App without SSN, therefore having a Cash App card without SSN is next to impossible. If you are trying to get a Cash App Card and you are under 18, then you may ask an adult family member to help you with the same. To complete this purpose, they may need to create an account on Cash App and follow these steps:

  1. Open Cash App on your device and hit the “Cash Card” icon
  2. Select the “Get Free Cash Card” option
  3. Now, choose your preferred card customizations and click “Continue”
  4. Then, you have to enter your mailing address and other details
  5. Review the details and click “Next”
  6. To submit your request, click “Continue” or “Next”
  7. After your request is submitted, you will receive our card within 10 days

How to send money on Cash App without SSN?

To send money on Cash App without having to use your SSN, you just need to create an account on the platform. Sending money within the limits is still possible even if you are not a verified user and do not want to share your SSN details as well. Here is how it is done:

  1. Locate and open the Cash App application
  2. Now, click on the “$” on the phone’s screen
  3. Then, select the option to “Send” money
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer from your account
  5. Do not enter the amount of more than $250
  6. Now, choose one of the contacts from the list
  7. Click the “Send” option to initiate the transaction

How to verify Cash App without SSN?

As we have already discussed several times before, there is no direct or possible way to use Cash App without sharing your SSN details. To ensure higher standards of security and make the user experience free of scams, the app ensures that no unverified user should use this app to carry out any suspicious activity. As soon as you reach the “Profile” tab of the Cash App to complete the identity verification process, you will see that you are asked to share some of your personal information including your SSN. So, if you do not have this number with you, there is no way out of this thing.


Payment applications like Cash App use high-security protocols. This helps them to maintain the integrity of the application as well as ensure that you are not scammed. In the past, some scams took place in the name of Cash App. Thus, to minimize this risk for users, Cash App asks you for your SSN details. This means that you cannot use Cash App without SSN.

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